Link Building Strategies For Your Business

When it comes to employing link building strategies for promoting your website, a little care and knowledge goes a long way. It’s not as easy as some links exchange services may claim. Compared to other web marketing methodologies that are out there, link building is one of the most demanding ways to promote websites. Nevertheless, by using time-tested and widely accepted link building strategies, your website will gain the quality readership and search engine hits that all website owners long for.

Building links take time and effort. Quality links cannot be achieved through automated link exchanges. Sure, you’ll get links fast through these reciprocal deals but you cannot be truly sure of the quality of the site you are linking to and for how long you will receive visitors from them.

What you want as a website owner or manager are inbound links that are relevant to your site, preferably one-way links, which truly add value to your website in terms of establishing your site’s reputation and gaining popularity. Reciprocal links have been a mainstay among bloggers and content-rich site owners but lately search engines have seemingly put a limit on reciprocal links.

If you depend on reciprocal links as your main strategy for building links, chances are your search engine ranking will dip because the big search engines like Google no longer give as much importance to links that return to their source. This is why, one-way links are more important for your site in the long run not only for the sake of search engine rank but these tend to be a stable source of visitors for your site.

Effective Link Building Strategies

Link building strategies are an important and extremely effective method of helping your website surge up the search engine rankings…but be warned, they do take a considerable amount of time to implement, especially if you intend a fully hands-on approach.

Many people will perform searches looking for the most recent strategies, but there really is no need to do so. Sure, there are new methods for building links that crop up each year but the tried and tested methods are by far the most effective and have stood the test of time.

Here is a list of eight of the most effective ways of building links that have been a staple of website owners for years.

  • Article Directories: Posting articles to article directories has always been extremely effective in obtaining quality back-links to your site.
  • Bookmarking: Excellent method of gaining fast, quality back-links to your site and every piece of new content you post on it.
  • Blog Commenting: Making worthwhile and interesting comments on blogs that allow you to leave a link back to your site in your comment.
  • Profile links: Many sites require you to sign up in order to become a member, most if not all of these sites provide members with profile pages where they can then leave information about themselves which normally includes links to their websites.
  • Link exchanges: Although the standard two-way link seems to have lost a lot of its effectiveness (Site A, links to B and, B links to A), three-way linking is still quite effective (A to B, B to C, C to A)
  • Web Directories: Web directories work in the same way as the yellow pages. Simply post your website details (including a link) in the appropriate category. There is always debate about the strength of links from web directories but they ARE still effective.
  • Press Releases: Highly effective way of not only building links to your site but also increasing traffic, especially if you have written a kicking press release!
  • RSS Feeds: Submit your RSS feed to as many RSS directories as you can to obtain back-links on autopilot. RSS feeds are dynamic, and each time you post something new on your site, you will get instant back-links.

As I have mentioned, all of these methods do take a long time to implement and see results from but if you require, or want, quicker results then you need to consider one of these two options.

Buying link building software: There are many different pieces of software that will help build links for you. All of this software will turn the 100% manual task of building links into a semi automated task and will therefore speed up the process, although be warned…you will still spend a lot of time making links.
Use a Link Building Service: Link building services will completely free up your time by creating all your links for you so you can then concentrate on developing your website and running your online business. This option is by far the most time efficient and cost-effective method of improving your site’s ranking.

Better link building strategies involve the sharing or syndication of good, well-researched content that contains links leading directly back to your website. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories and other content-rich portals is a tried and true approach to link building.

Article submissions require that your own website’s contents are just as good and well-written as the articles that you are submitting. Thus, long term link building strategies require developing good content. This will ensure that your inbound links remain on the external site and that your search engine rank stays consistent at acceptable levels. Remember that nothing beats good content when promoting websites.

Most article submission sites do not require a reciprocal link, while others will permit that a link to their site be promoted through other channels. These are good candidates for your article submission endeavors as these are for certain one-way links to your site. 100% hand made Link Building Services are the best for your site.

Be sure to check the page rank or at least the readership of the site you have links on. When your articles are posted on sites with a relatively high page rank, you increase your chances of getting a better ranking as well. But search engine ranking aside, if you can determine that you are still reaching a unique target audience through a particular site despite a low page rank, your articles will still likely receive the attention it needs and may even gain additional links from new readers.

Things to Avoid

Stay away from link building strategies that make use of link farms, spam blogs, automated exchanges and similar artificial means of generating links to your site. It is highly probable that your website’s popularity will lessen thus spoiling your efforts. Instead stick to content-based link building strategies that provide long term exposure when it comes to letting your website known to a broader audience base.