How To Increase Followers On Your Instagram Handle


With instagram rapidly gaining popularity, a lot of people have opted to join this social platform. Creating an account as a user is not the only task here, but gaining followers is the best achievement you can get. Everyone’s aim is to have atleast 10k and above followers and become a big wig of instagram.

Today, instagram is not only for sharing but also advertising commercial products and services. In reality, it has become much of a commercial platform. With instagram, one is absolute that he/she will find a client because of the popularity of Instagram. Below are tips to get more instagram followers within a short time:

1. Be creative

Do not follow what others are posting on instagram. Be your own self and have that uniqueness in you. Take a photo of what you like and in no time, followers will come trickling in and filling your account. Most of the people would want to post what other celebrities are posting. That is not the good way to go. Follow your own instincts.

2. Know your camera

It usually takes time before one captures that perfect shot. Effortlessly taking as much photos without that perfect one is understandable at the starting stages. However, after sometime one has to get to know the camera tricks and even get to capture perfect snaps. Through that, lots of people would be attracted by your striking photos and even follow you to get more of those.

3. Be inspired

Get inspiration from successful account owners. This is going through their best shots and this is very common among photographers. Visit some of their portfolios and see what is in their photos that made them renowned. Is it their lighting, editing, background, creativity, caption or perspectives? Emulate their skills through your own and even get to ask some questions which they will be at your beck and call to reply them.

4. Use of natural light

The perfect timing is at dusk or during sunset. It usually brings out perfect pictures. These golden hours facilitate cool shadows in your pictures. This kind of photography is what is needed from a dedicated online person. Always watch out for the sunrise and the sunset when the rays are at its softest and most gentle point.

5. Use famous hash tags

Hash tags have been of great help here. The famous and trending hash tags are what keep the instagram family at the peak. If you want to reach a specific audience, just incorporate an appropriate hash tag and your message will be availed to anyone in that community. However, do not overuse the hash tags as this will be boring to many of the instagrammers and even making it difficult for them. Avoid ambiguity too. Moreover, use those that are fascinating and be creative when captioning the posts.

These tips are an ultimate way to go as a lot of people have tried this and are now at par with some of the famous celebrities. It is usually not an easy path to tread but with sheer determination and dedication, you will be the next to testify of such success.