How To Increase Followers On Your Instagram Handle


With instagram rapidly gaining popularity, a lot of people have opted to join this social platform. Creating an account as a user is not the only task here, but gaining followers is the best achievement you can get. Everyone’s aim is to have atleast 10k and above followers and become a big wig of instagram.

Today, instagram is not only for sharing but also advertising commercial products and services. In reality, it has become much of a commercial platform. With instagram, one is absolute that he/she will find a client because of the popularity of Instagram. Below are tips to get more instagram followers within a short time:

1. Be creative

Do not follow what others are posting on instagram. Be your own self and have that uniqueness in you. Take a photo of what you like and in no time, followers will come trickling in and filling your account. Most of the people would want to post what other celebrities are posting. That is not the good way to go. Follow your own instincts.

2. Know your camera

It usually takes time before one captures that perfect shot. Effortlessly taking as much photos without that perfect one is understandable at the starting stages. However, after sometime one has to get to know the camera tricks and even get to capture perfect snaps. Through that, lots of people would be attracted by your striking photos and even follow you to get more of those.

3. Be inspired

Get inspiration from successful account owners. This is going through their best shots and this is very common among photographers. Visit some of their portfolios and see what is in their photos that made them renowned. Is it their lighting, editing, background, creativity, caption or perspectives? Emulate their skills through your own and even get to ask some questions which they will be at your beck and call to reply them.

4. Use of natural light

The perfect timing is at dusk or during sunset. It usually brings out perfect pictures. These golden hours facilitate cool shadows in your pictures. This kind of photography is what is needed from a dedicated online person. Always watch out for the sunrise and the sunset when the rays are at its softest and most gentle point.

5. Use famous hash tags

Hash tags have been of great help here. The famous and trending hash tags are what keep the instagram family at the peak. If you want to reach a specific audience, just incorporate an appropriate hash tag and your message will be availed to anyone in that community. However, do not overuse the hash tags as this will be boring to many of the instagrammers and even making it difficult for them. Avoid ambiguity too. Moreover, use those that are fascinating and be creative when captioning the posts.

These tips are an ultimate way to go as a lot of people have tried this and are now at par with some of the famous celebrities. It is usually not an easy path to tread but with sheer determination and dedication, you will be the next to testify of such success.

Does Your Business Website Need SEO?


SEOIn this ecommerce era, having a website is crucial for a business. However just having a website is not enough. If you want to reap maximum benefit from your site, it needs to have a high ranking on search engines. If your page doesn’t appear on the first two pages, preferably on the first page of Google results your prospective customers may not find your business but your competitors.

Making use of SEO is crucial to ensure that your site not only ranks high on search engines but that potential customers can easily find you on search engines. Your business will reap many benefits from SEO. Below are the major reasons why your website needs SEO

Top 10 reasons why your business website needs SEO

  1. Increased traffic– Research shows that users rarely click on the second page of search results. Your website therefore needs to appear on the first page of search results or you will remain invisible. You need SEO to attract potential customers to your website. Using SEO will help you get targeted traffic to your website. This means that you will get people who are actually interested in purchasing your product using keywords in your niche.
  2. High ROI– SEO delivers a higher ROI compared to other conventional types of advertising such as TV commercials. When done the right way, SEO has the potential to drive massive traffic too your website. In addition, SEO increases targeted traffic to your website. Users don’t just hear or see the advert when watching their favorite programs but are deliberately searching for the specific product or service. You are more likely to have more interested customers than when using other types of advertising.
  3. Evolving SEO for greater Prospects– The best aspect about SEO is that it is always evolving as the market and users evolve. Highly effective SEO can be evaluated, assessed and improved to meet the changing market trends. SEO can be changed to increase the ever-changing market demands. This means that you can SEO to keep ahead of the ever-changing market. As SEO techniques evolve, you are able to customize your website to meet the demands of potential customers and improve your business.
  4. Improve site’s usability– In addition to making your website easily navigable by search engines, SEO also helps make it easier for visitors to use and navigate your website. SEO consists of arranging links and reorganizing the site’s design to make the site navigable. This not only makes it easy and possible for search engines to crawl your site but for visitors to look for and find the information or pages they want on your website. SEO helps increase your site’s usability
  5. Build trust- People trust major search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. When your website appears on the first page of a search engine, people will trust you. Earning your potential customer’s trust is crucial in this digital age. With the many websites online, you need to prove that you are trustworthy and genuine. SEO will help your website appear on the first page of search engines, which will consequently help potential customers trust your business. In addition having potential customers find useful information about your business on search engines as opposed to blogs or forums will build your customers trust about your business and product.
  6. Higher conversion rates- SEO consists of structuring your website, using keywords, indexing among other strategies to increase ranking and searchability. This makes your site and content relevant, attractive and searchable to potential users. This means that people who are genuinely looking for products in your niche will land on your site and make a purchase. Your business needs SEO to help potential customers find you on search engines wherever they are in the world.
  7. Competitive edge- Over 90% of people look for products and services online, many businesses are aware of the need to have an online presence to reach their potential customers. If your business is not online, you are losing on thousands of potential customers to your competitors when they search for your niche online. Building a website is important for your business, SEO is essential to increase search rankings and help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  8. Improve search ability- Implementing SEO increases the chances of your potential customers locating your business. Research shows that people use the internet to look for goods and services they want. Internet makes it convenient for people to find, review and purchase products online. Potential customers can locate your website from anywhere in the world using their mobile devices and make a purchase or inquire about your products or services. SEO tactics such as using keywords will increase your site’s searchability.
  9. Manage your business’s reputation online- Whether or not you like it, people are most likely talking about your business. By using SEO, you are making sure that people find useful information about your business and not unconstructive reviews and comments. You want people to find helpful information about your business when they search online.
  10. Brand recognition- SEO gives your business a competitive edge above your competitors. SEO gives you the ability to optimize your website and position your business as a leader in the industry. With the right strategies and techniques, you can increase your site’s ranking on search engine. You may be able to grow your business internationally. You can use SEO to optimize your website to help clients find you from all over the world, by just searching certain keywords related to your niche.

Your business website needs SEO now more than ever before. With the many people selling and marketing products and services similar to yours, you need to stand out from the crowd. SEO is not only affordable compared to other conventional advertising methods but will provide your business with more lasting results. As mentioned above, SEO is dynamic, meaning that you can strategize your website to meet the changing demands of your market.


SEO holds great potential for business owners. It’s one of the best decisions you can make to help move your business to the next level.

Users Prefer Websites On The 1st Page Of Google Search Results

Google PageMost users rarely look past page 2 of Google search results. This is primarily attributed to the fact that majority of people believe that all the right results are always on the first and second pages of the search results. Majority of the users also gets the information they are looking from these pages and therefore they do not see the need to search further. Furthermore, majority of the users also do not have the time to go over many pages and therefore they rely on the results on the initial pages. This makes it paramount to optimally use SEO to ensure your website is on the first pages of Google search results.

To maximally get the benefits of using SEO it is important to apply the right tactics. This is because they are some people who still use SEO but do not necessarily get to the initial pages of Google search results. Those who know the right tactics are usually the ones on the initial pages and therefore their websites are visited by more people. Some of these tactics are simple and can be easily applied by almost any website owner. However there are others which need to be applied by SEO professionals who have the right skills and knows exactly what to do so as to get a certain website on the initial pages of Google search results.

Most people who are serious about SEO usually hire professionals to apply the right SEO tactics to get a website into the initial pages. The professionals use different tools and tactics to ensure the particular website is on the initial pages. The tools and tactics used mainly depend on the website and the information contained in the website. Through getting the right professional it becomes easier to propel a page into the initial pages of Google search results. The professionals also provide advice to the website owners on the things they need to do so as to ensure their websites get and remains in the initial pages.

The primary need for SEO to get a particular website into the initial pages is that the information contained in the website will get to more people. This is especially helpful while marketing different products and services. Through ensuring the website is one the first pages more people will be interested in opening the website and viewing the products. Furthermore, the websites on the initial pages of Google search results are trusted more since users believe the websites are ranked highly because they have credible information. Consequently, the people who visit those websites are most likely to take action for they trust the information they get.

To ensure a website gets and remains on the first two pages of Google search results one needs to ensure the website contain credible information. This is important because visitors like helpful information which can help them make decision. The website should also be interactive and friendly to help visitors navigate easily. In case there are images on the website they should be of high quality to ensure visitors can see everything clearly. Furthermore, the website should have the right colors depending on the kind of information contained and the products being marketed. Therefore, it is important to properly use SEO with an objective of a website getting and staying on the initial pages because users rarely look past page 2 of Google search results.

Here’s a nice FREE tool to check out search results and keyword ideas:

Ten Tips For Hiring the Right Web Designer

The Internet is being used for various purposes. Some people use it for research, promotion and advertising, website design and development and educational purposes. Most answers to problems are found through the help on the Internet. One clicks on a search engine, and you will be given too many options. For example, if a person would like to find the best cook in town, by merely doing your search on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine will yield too much result. Most business owners knew this fact.
With the importance of the internet now long beyond debate, it has become imperative to have a strong web presence. One of the best ways of achieving this is through a well branded, professional and user-friendly website that will help you to connect with and relate to your present and prospective customers.

Hiring the right web designer is better if an individual look on having an advanced website. The question is how do you choose that web designer.

Once you have realised your need for a website, the next step is to hire a professional web designer or web developer who possesses the expertise to translate your requirements into an information rich website, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

Hiring the right web designer can be a daunting task for those of us who lack the essential insights on what to look for in a good web designer.

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right Web Designer / Design Company:

1. Ensure That Your Site Has Quantifiable Goals

It is good practice to spend some time in planning and defining your website’s goals. Having clear and measurable goals for your website will help you in highlighting what you want your website to do and what is needed to get it done.

2. Purchase Your Domain Name

One of the smartest things you can do is to buy your website domain name yourself as opposed to getting it done through the web designer. By purchasing your domain name, you can make sure that you have complete control over your website. Web designers may come and go, but the domain control will be yours.

3. Ask For Customer References

While you are in the process selecting Design Company, ask them for customer references, preferably with numbers you can call. Talking to past customers will help in knowing more about the designers, their expertise, style of working and respect for deadlines.

4. Establish Their Track Record

Building a good website is not a one-time affair. To get real value from your website, it must be updated regularly. Hence, it pays to make sure that you can trust your web designer and make sure that they will still be in business years from now.

5. Check Their Designs

A good way to judge the developer by looking at websites they have developed recently and seeing if they are in a style you like. Pay attention to factors such as usability, navigation, layout and their potential to be found on the internet.

6. Meet Them At Their Offices

Before making a final decision on the web designer, you choose to hire, meet them at their place of work. This will help you to know more about their setup, professionalism and style of doing business.

7. Pay For An Original Design

Never pay a web designer for a template. Not only will search engines penalise you for having non-original content but you will have lost the chance to have a unique site developed that truly fits your requirements.

8. Check To See If The Designer Develops SEO Friendly Code and Uses CSS

Just creating a pretty website is not enough in the midst of so much competition. Good designers understand that for a website to do well, it must be Search Engine Friendly (SEO) and should be designed using CSS instead of tables.

9. Site Should Confirm to Current Legislation

Make sure your website conforms to the current standards and legislations.

10. Develop a Marketing Plan

Your web presence is incomplete without a comprehensive SEO and online marketing plan. Remember; your site won’t sell itself.

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Top 5 SEO Metrics That matter in 2016

Over the years, search engine optimization has proved to be a very successful marketing tool when used appropriately. However, the tool is challenging to many marketers especially in respect to assessing its success and identifying how to progress ahead to greater success using SEO. This is why as a marketer or advertiser using search engine optimization , it is important to familiarize yourself with SEO metrics that matter in 2016 to find SEO more useful and reliable. It is worth noting that SEO has changed dramatically over the past few years in line with the growing trends and demands of marketing and advertising. The metrics to look out for in 2016 include:

Conversions and conversion rates

A conversion is simply achieving the goal you intended and purposed to achieve with your SEO strategies. For instance, if the reason for using SEO was to increase the sales of a particular product and the sales grow accordingly, that is a conversion. On the other hand, conversion rates refer to the number of site visitors who take a specific action on the site such as make a purchase, sign up or log in. The best thing about conversion rates is that they make it easy to assess the efficiency and usability of the search engine optimization strategies you are using. If the conversion rates are low, you can consider changing your search engine optimization strategy and approach.

Content quality

Content is a very important aspect of search engine optimization. This s because in addition to attracting internet users to your website, it also plays an important role of informing visitors more about the service/product you are selling. However, not all content is useful to your SEO strategies as low quality content can discredit your site/services/products to visitors. High quality and informative content encourages deeper engagement with visitors thereby increasing the conversion rates. It is quite easy to determine the type of content that your visitors like most by checking the topics with more clicks and comments than the others.

Keyword yield

This refers to the number of keywords that each page in your site yields in a month or in a specific duration of time. It can also be described as the ratio of keywords to website pages that yield search traffic. This is one of the most useful SEO metrics that matter in 2016 especially for content website and directories. Long tail keywords are known to yield more search traffic due to increased exposure on organic search result listings on search engines. It is advisable to use keywords and phrases that have a broader appeal to search engines as such keywords lead to high site traffic.

Time spent on the website

Unlike other SEO metrics to watch in 2016, this metric is specifically very useful in assessing the success of content-driven websites. This is because for these websites, metrics such as sales-conversion and lead generation may not be the most practical metrics to use. The average time that internet users spend on a site is a factual determinant of the success of the website. The longer the time that users spend on the website, the more successful the site is.

Bounce rates and visitor growth

When a visitor exits the sits within one minute or less without clicking on any link or resource on the site, he/she is a bounced user who most likely didn’t find the site worth any time. Bounce rate refers to the number of site visitors who leave the site as soon as they land on the website. High bounce rates can be a sign of inappropriate content or deceitful marketing- both of which can negatively impact the site’s reputation and image. On the other hand, visitor growth refers to the trend of new visitors in a site within a given duration such as a month. If the visitor trend is increasing, then the site is receiving new visitors every day but if it is flat-lined or seems to be falling, the site is losing its visitors. Visitor growth is useful in determining the effectiveness and reliability of the search engine optimization strategy in use.

Being conversant with search engine optimization metrics that matter in 2016 has become a requirement in the ever changing world of search engine optimization. The metrics are structured to enable marketers and site owners to validate their work and marketing efforts. In SEO, it is worth noting that there is a lot more that matters than high rankings alone.

Link Building Strategies For Your Business

When it comes to employing link building strategies for promoting your website, a little care and knowledge goes a long way. It’s not as easy as some links exchange services may claim. Compared to other web marketing methodologies that are out there, link building is one of the most demanding ways to promote websites. Nevertheless, by using time-tested and widely accepted link building strategies, your website will gain the quality readership and search engine hits that all website owners long for.

Building links take time and effort. Quality links cannot be achieved through automated link exchanges. Sure, you’ll get links fast through these reciprocal deals but you cannot be truly sure of the quality of the site you are linking to and for how long you will receive visitors from them.

What you want as a website owner or manager are inbound links that are relevant to your site, preferably one-way links, which truly add value to your website in terms of establishing your site’s reputation and gaining popularity. Reciprocal links have been a mainstay among bloggers and content-rich site owners but lately search engines have seemingly put a limit on reciprocal links.

If you depend on reciprocal links as your main strategy for building links, chances are your search engine ranking will dip because the big search engines like Google no longer give as much importance to links that return to their source. This is why, one-way links are more important for your site in the long run not only for the sake of search engine rank but these tend to be a stable source of visitors for your site.

Effective Link Building Strategies

Link building strategies are an important and extremely effective method of helping your website surge up the search engine rankings…but be warned, they do take a considerable amount of time to implement, especially if you intend a fully hands-on approach.

Many people will perform searches looking for the most recent strategies, but there really is no need to do so. Sure, there are new methods for building links that crop up each year but the tried and tested methods are by far the most effective and have stood the test of time.

Here is a list of eight of the most effective ways of building links that have been a staple of website owners for years.

  • Article Directories: Posting articles to article directories has always been extremely effective in obtaining quality back-links to your site.
  • Bookmarking: Excellent method of gaining fast, quality back-links to your site and every piece of new content you post on it.
  • Blog Commenting: Making worthwhile and interesting comments on blogs that allow you to leave a link back to your site in your comment.
  • Profile links: Many sites require you to sign up in order to become a member, most if not all of these sites provide members with profile pages where they can then leave information about themselves which normally includes links to their websites.
  • Link exchanges: Although the standard two-way link seems to have lost a lot of its effectiveness (Site A, links to B and, B links to A), three-way linking is still quite effective (A to B, B to C, C to A)
  • Web Directories: Web directories work in the same way as the yellow pages. Simply post your website details (including a link) in the appropriate category. There is always debate about the strength of links from web directories but they ARE still effective.
  • Press Releases: Highly effective way of not only building links to your site but also increasing traffic, especially if you have written a kicking press release!
  • RSS Feeds: Submit your RSS feed to as many RSS directories as you can to obtain back-links on autopilot. RSS feeds are dynamic, and each time you post something new on your site, you will get instant back-links.

As I have mentioned, all of these methods do take a long time to implement and see results from but if you require, or want, quicker results then you need to consider one of these two options.

Buying link building software: There are many different pieces of software that will help build links for you. All of this software will turn the 100% manual task of building links into a semi automated task and will therefore speed up the process, although be warned…you will still spend a lot of time making links.
Use a Link Building Service: Link building services will completely free up your time by creating all your links for you so you can then concentrate on developing your website and running your online business. This option is by far the most time efficient and cost-effective method of improving your site’s ranking.

Better link building strategies involve the sharing or syndication of good, well-researched content that contains links leading directly back to your website. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories and other content-rich portals is a tried and true approach to link building.

Article submissions require that your own website’s contents are just as good and well-written as the articles that you are submitting. Thus, long term link building strategies require developing good content. This will ensure that your inbound links remain on the external site and that your search engine rank stays consistent at acceptable levels. Remember that nothing beats good content when promoting websites.

Most article submission sites do not require a reciprocal link, while others will permit that a link to their site be promoted through other channels. These are good candidates for your article submission endeavors as these are for certain one-way links to your site. 100% hand made Link Building Services are the best for your site.

Be sure to check the page rank or at least the readership of the site you have links on. When your articles are posted on sites with a relatively high page rank, you increase your chances of getting a better ranking as well. But search engine ranking aside, if you can determine that you are still reaching a unique target audience through a particular site despite a low page rank, your articles will still likely receive the attention it needs and may even gain additional links from new readers.

Things to Avoid

Stay away from link building strategies that make use of link farms, spam blogs, automated exchanges and similar artificial means of generating links to your site. It is highly probable that your website’s popularity will lessen thus spoiling your efforts. Instead stick to content-based link building strategies that provide long term exposure when it comes to letting your website known to a broader audience base.

Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Online MarketingOnline Marketing is the umbrella term used for marketing your business on the Internet. Online marketing uses a range of techniques to raise your profile, build your brand and advertise your business on the Net. It starts with your website but also includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and email marketing.

SEO is using keywords in your website copy (or script) so that Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo can locate your business easily allowing customers to find you quickly. Social media revolves around using tools like Facebook, Twitter and My Space to connect with potential customers. Email marketing is what it implies, using your email to help promote your business.

Most businesses want the same outcomes from their website: To generate leads and online sales. To develop customer service. To build a strong brand or presence. To provide information. To attract visitors and generate advertising revenue.

So for online marketing to work for you, there are a few essentials you need to know. Firstly, your website should look professional as this is what gives you and your business credibility. With credibility comes the all important trust. And for a person looking for goods or services online this is a key element in any decision making process.

The website should be well designed and written as this creates the first impression for a potential customer and also helps with SEO. If there are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or the design looks like it could have been done by a well meaning but inexperienced relative, then a customer is more likely to click onto another site and your business misses out on an invaluable opportunity. Not only that, but your competitor will benefit as the customer will keep clicking on sites until they find one that does look professional and gives an impression that the owner of the site is serious about his or her business. If a site looks dodgy, then why should a customer assume the business is not dodgy. They don’t know you from a bar of soap, so that first online impression is critical.

The second thing to keep in mind is how do you want your website to work for you? How can it generate business for you? Well if it looks professional and is designed and written with SEO then you are well on the way to ensuring your website will work for you. You need to be clear about what you want the website to achieve as once you understand what your website needs to do for you, it will help you to make clear and constructive decisions.

Here are a few tips:

Only include elements of real value.

Check out your competitors so you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work online

Look at the potential financial gains to help you understand the appropriate budget for your website and its marketing.

Find a good website designer who you can talk to and who listens to your needs and wants and who is readily accessible.This is critical to a successful outcome as a good website designer will have helpful suggestions so you can get the most from your website.

So, if you don’t have a website, then find a good website designer. Talk to your friends and family. Do they know someone they can recommend? Look around on the Internet. A good website designer will have a professional looking website because they know how important first impressions are.

Think about your target audience and keep this in mind when talking to your website designer before they start designing your website. What keywords can be used for SEO? What photos will make the site look better? What do you want to include in the script?

If you already have a website, then it would be a good idea to spend some time thinking about how it can work better for your business. Which parts of your website are working for you? What changes could be made to make it look and work better?

Online marketing is definitely the future. Traditional methods like print, radio and phone directory listings are fast being replaced by online marketing. So now it is up to you to decide how to make it work for you and your business.

Although there are many social media sites out there, we will concentrate on Facebook for today. Although LinkedIn has its admirers, it is predominantly a B2B site, whereas Facebook does well for B2C businesses. Facebook has made it clear they want you to do business through their site, and they have made it easy for you to set up your page. Once your page is set up, just how do you go about attracting fans and followers?

Here are some steps you can take:

It seems obvious, but inviting your friends is the first step. How many people have personal pages with 200+ friends and a business page with 20? No one is saying every friend needs to be a fan, but many friends can be fans, and should be. Don’t be shy about asking.


Post outstanding content. Make your posts engaging, entertaining, and informative. Make deals and sales available only to your fans a regular occurrence. The deals could be a free gift, discounts on products and services, or an invitation to a special event.


When a fan makes a comment on your page, respond to it. Thank them for kind words written, or answer a question if one is asked. You should email your frequent commenters, and answer their emails to you.


Engage in their sites. It takes only a minute to look up a fan on Twitter. Hit the follow button and start to follow them. Connect with them on LinkedIn. This will make them feel special, and may give you important information about them.


Post material from other sources, and credit them appropriately. This will build credibility with your fans and make a fan out of your credited source.


Take a poll. Find out what’s on everybody’s mind.

Many business owners are under the false pretense that social marketing has made email marketing obsolete. This is not the case. In fact, integrated together they make a potent marketing tool. For example, social media gives companies another online option to get messages to their audiences. This reduces the need to send so many emails, reducing email exhaustion among recipients. It allows the business owner to get more personalized and targeted with their email campaigns. Further, people who are engaged in social media sites check their email more often than those who do not. According to a survey from Merkle, 42% of social media users said they check their email more than four times a day, compared with just 24% of non social media users. Adding social media share buttons increases the reach of the average email by 24.3% according to a survey from Silverpop, an email service provider.

Smart business people have realized that social media and email are complimentary to each other. An effective social and email marketing effort requires coordination. Here are some things you need to do:

Find out who is on each list. Not all your social marketing followers are going to be on your email opt-in list and vice versa. Poll both lists to see who is missing from each. Social fans should be polled to find out who is not on the opt-in email list, and a poll should be sent to email recipients to determine who is and is not a Facebook fan. You’ll probably find there isn’t as much overlap as you think.


Once you know who’s where, you can start to convert you’re Facebook fans to email subscribers. Put an opt-in box on your Facebook page. Many email service providers provide Facebook opt-in widgets for their customers. Call or email your provider to find out if they are one. Another way to get them to sign up is to offer a small incentive or gift. A % off coupon is a good way to go.


Most email providers also provide social sharing links on their email templates. Use them to entice your email readers to easily become a fan of your page. Social sharing buttons have resulted in a 30% increase in click through rates, according to GetResponse.

Developing the right content for social media and email opt-in lists is the next step. Email recipients want personalized, relevant content that will serve their purpose. But they are also in the market for a bargain. In fact, in a study done by Exact Target, 62% of people who signed up for email did so to get a bargain. That compares to 17% who said they look for bargains on a Facebook page.

Facebook fans sign up to show support for the company, get information from the company feeds, learn about new products and services, and finally, just to have fun. If email is used to inform, Facebook should be used to entertain. Facebook can be a great forum to answer questions and respond to news. A well worded answer or response can lead to more Facebook followers.

Finally, you must track the results. Some of the things you should be monitoring are:

  • Click through rates
  • Increases in fans or followers
  • Opt-in rates from forms on social media
  • Social sharing rates
  • Comments left on a Fan page or email response
  • Traffic generated to your website from either source.

Using email and social media effectively requires some skill, and plenty of time and effort. Once systems are in place, much of that effort can be automated. Both marketing avenues can bring excellent results, but require patience and persistence.



Innovative Online Marketing Methods


googlerankseoAs there exist many different ways of marketing online nowadays, it is critical to choose well. With social media, advertising above and below the line, SEO, marketing using email, and more. In order to acquire customers even with small budgets business owners can use these platforms in innovative ways.

The use of integrated marketing, for example, can maximize the results of more than one part of the advertising and marketing platforms and mix. One more example is the identification of cost effective ways in getting the word out about your business.

Things Are Integrated

Make sure that you understand that a promotion is integration. It is part of several other individual components that energize each other into a whole. It is not just about direct mailers, social media, engagement it is in all points of contact with the client’s customers.

Everyone wants to get on board, call it bandwagon but once it goes viral most would want to be part of it too. So just make sure your word of mouth is lasting and great for the client’s brand.

So think of what makes them talk about the brand and in turn share, whether it’s good or bad points. Word of mouth has always been considered the most efficient; as it is free, but the most potent too as referrals do come free but is priceless. All the more with everything going social media nowadays.


Quality Sells

Regardless of how it’s called, the atmosphere is capable of the reality being propagated. The quality of the products and its comparative value into the marketplace surge at a blinding speed. It has made it possible to be available at a faster rate than at any junction of history. All these channels of communication and exchange are now accessible.

banner-3This is part of you providing lasting value. The more you know, the better you can serve. The more you know, the more customized, appealing, compelling and effective would be your digital promotions. And isn’t it all about results?

No To Hard Selling

It is also very common that nobody wants to be sold anything, so capitalizing on that make sure that you are doing the selling in the least intrusive way. Make it appear you are not! How? By mastering the art of promotions that is customer focused.

And when they realize you are a good growth partner, wouldn’t that make it long lasting partnership in the long run? This in turn allows you to grow your client’s business.

In Search Of The Best

This will tell you which benefit they seek and what promotions serve them well. This is now your guidance on how to position your digital promotions so as to engage as many enquiries and sales leads. And all these will keep your client happy.

So no mysteries here, it is quite simple. Listen to what their customer’s heartbeat is. Peruse the comments, know their searched words, see which blogs elicit the most numbers of visits etc. This is the base of your ongoing conversations with the customers.

Again the end game is focused on building relationships further for your client and their customers so you get to deliver the value that leads to recurring businesses for them.

seo (6)Of Reality And Sincerity

In the end, it will all come down to the reality and sincerity of the products. Even towing the great marketing plan, huge media attention and all the other traditional marketing bells and whistles, an inferior product is still seen with a very short shelf life. On the contrary, high-quality ones may receive better success even though it has a smaller marketing spend.

Never underestimate the value in marketing a great product. It may well be the best marketing decision you’ve ever made. If you’d like more information about online marketing, please contact an Irvine SEO and Marketing Expert and get your business widely seen on the internet.